Ali, Sophie & Lisa - Mamma Mia! - Bainbridge Performing Arts

Mamma Mia!

“Sophie is the girl in search of male parental closure, played by Hannah Knapp-Jenkins, who buries herself in the fun and whimsy of this show. Ms Knapp-Jenkins has a good singing voice, but it is her earnestness combined with her energy that sets the tone for the show. She’s first on stage and in a pensive frame of mind. After that, she’s high energy throughout. Director/choreographer Troy Wageman cast her well… Hannah Knapp-Jenkins is one of the reasons this show is a hit. Her stage chemistry with her fiance’ Sky (played well by Garrett Dill) was palpable.” - Drama in the Hood

“Hannah Knapp-Jenkins gives Sophie just the right mix of anticipation and dread, with equal parts humor and pathos and sweetness, as well as a voice to rival Lee and Glynn for Best in Show honors.” - Michael C. Moore

“And then, there's actress Hannah Knapp Jenkins, who has a starring role.

“It wasn’t really on my radar in the past, but mostly because I didn’t ever think there was a role for me,” she tells KOMO. A self-described "plus sized" actress, Hannah was thrilled to have the chance to play a lead "as she is."

“I’m trying to break out of the mold of the ‘fat role,’” Knapp Jenkins says. “The comedian, the best friend, the power belter. (I’m) actually just playing a real person, a more typical ‘Sophie.’ You’re not used to seeing that.” - KOMO News